• ASSIGNMENTS! (4/13-4/17)

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    Assignment packet for this week!

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    Review Quiz


    At home work log- with your child, please try to keep track of their work on this log.

    If possible, please e-mail it back to me on Friday! 

    (If not, please log their work in a journal, take a picture and e-mail it to me! My e-mail is located on the welcome page)

    At Home Work Log

    Focus Wall


    SIGHT WORDS- make, them, give, play, say, new

    (Click to Read)

    READ ALOUD- Simon and Molly plus Hester

    BIG BOOK- Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin


    Speech Resources- Speech



    1. Practice writing your numbers 0-20 (& beyond)

    2. 5-10 minutes of FUN math movement songs from our MATH site

    3. Count out loud to a family member from 1-100

    4. Using your favorite toys (legos, army men, cars, blocks, dolls or even pennies): practice Adding (+) and Subtracting (-)



    1. Read your favorite book with a family member or listen to L. 21 read aloud & big book

    2. Retell the story to your family member (or a stuffed animal)

    3. Write down your favorite part or your favorite characer using a full sentence- ("My favorite part was") & draw a picture

    4. 5 minutes of reading FUN songs from our ELA page

    5. Sight words (make, them, give, play, say, new)

    Suggestions for Sight Words-

    Practice writing words, use them in a sentence, do a word hunt in your favorite book, write them on flash cards!



    1. Practice tapping out & writing CVC words: (Focus- short /o/ sound)

    - COT

    - POT

    - MOP

    - ROT

    - NOT

    - TOP

    *Use these words to write sentences!

     FUNdations Writing Paper

    Tap Which Word 0-20 Add