• Much of your on-line work will be done on Pearson Realize in a program called Elevate Science.  Below are the instructions for how to log on - cick the link to open a pdf document.  Each week you will have new assignments to complete.  If you have any questions about the assignments, my email is mmcgrathjr@nfschools.net.  If you don’t remember your computer log on information, call the school.

    ****When using Elevate Learning eText, everywhere you see the notebook icon you should click on it and answer the question.

    Instructions for logging in to Elevate Science

    Instructions for logging in to Brainpop:  Use Clever (username and password are your student ID)


    Weekly assignments will be available Monday and due by Sunday.

    ***For Elevate Science - Use Google Chrome***

    Week of June 8th

    Last week of this school year!!!!!!

    Use these last days to complete any missing assignments.


    Week of June 1st  - In Elevate Science

    1. eText: Dynamic and Resilient Ecosystems
    2. Interactivity: Succession in an Ecosystem
    3. Interactivity: A Butterfly Mystery


    Week of May 25th - In Elevate Science

    1. Interactivity: Shared Interactions
    2. Quest Check-In Interactivity: Research Animal Crossings
    3. Quiz: Interactions in Ecosystems

    Week of MAY 18th - In Elevate Science

    1. Quiz: Cycles of Matter
    2. Lesson 1: Interactions in Ecosystems (three parts)

    Week of MAY 11th - In Elevate Science

    Lesson 3:  Cycles of Matter

    1. eText:  Cycles of Matter
    2. Interactivity:  Cycles of Matter
    3. Video:  Cycles of Matter
    4. Video:  Environmental Engineer
    5. Interactivity:  Earth's Recyclables

    Week of May 4th ...May the 4th be with you ;) In Elevate Science

    Elevate Science - Week of May 4th Lesson 2 Continued

    1. Interactivity: A Changing Ecosystem
    2. eText:  Lesson 2 Check
    3. Quiz:  Energy Flow in Ecosystems
    4. Complete any work not finished in previous weeks - *****For BrainPop, you must log in with Clever to receive credit.


    Week of April 27th -In Elevate Science and BrainPop

    BrainPop - make sure you follow the log in instructions above (use Clever) or I do not see that you have completed the work.

    1. Food Chains Assignment - this consists of 2 videos and quizzes

    Elevate Science - Lesson 2 Energy Flow in Ecosystems.  Complete the assignments in the order indicated below.

    1. Video
    2. Write
    3. eText - Everywhere you see the notebook icon, click into it and type your answers.
    4. Interactivity (2)

    Week of April 20th -  In Elevate Science and Brainpop:

    Elevate Scrience

    1. Video: Living Things and the Environment
    2. Interactivity: An Ecological Mystery
    3. eText: Case Study The Case of the Dissappearing Cerulean Warbler (click on notebook icon and then answer the question)
    4. Quiz:  Living Things and the Environment

    Brainpop https://www.brainpop.com/dashboard/assignments/1f2fa9772487a732/periods/c62e4aea2a4ff540 

    1. Video Ecosystems
    2. Quiz
    3. Challenge


    Week of April 13th -  In Elevate Science:

    1. eText: Living Things and the Environment
    2. Interactivity: There's No Place Like Home