•  Attention Students! 

    These activites are just for FUN! They are not meant to cause any pressure, just enjoy them, if you choose! I love and miss you all so much! Remeber to show Kindness & Love for me everyday during the summer!

    Kids Apples

    Fun Activity #1

    Click HERE to access the COVID-19 Journal Booklet! Please print this out and complete it, or if you can't print it out, do the activities on a separate sheet of paper!

  • Fun Activity #2 
    Fill out the Random Acts of Kindness Bingo Card!


  • Fun Activity #3

    Complete the Kindness Scavenger Hunt (How many of these can you check off your list?)!

    Kindness Scavenger Hunt

  • Fun Activity #4

    Whenever you complete an Act of Kindness, color in a heart! Let's see who can make it to 100 Acts of Kindness the fastest! If you need some suggestions for how you can do acts of kindness at home, "check" out the Kindness Checklist below!



  • Fun Activity #5

    Who doesn't love COLORING! Kindness begins with each and every one of us, so spread kindness in your homes, to your friends and everyone you know!