• Fun Online Activities/Websites!

    Below, you will find a detailed list of different fun online activites/websites you can access, right from your own home! Have so much fun & explore these awesome websites!

    Kindness Tree

    All Poems - enjoy a wide selection of poems

    Audible Books - Free audible books for kids of all ages

    Alphablocks - Learning the alphabet in fun & exciting ways

    Crayola - Games and fun activities

    DayByDayNY - New songs, new stories, and other activities posted every day

    Fun Brain - Educational games by grade level

    GoNoodle - Exercise website, pairing movement with learning!

    Kids Can Have Fun - Crafts, games, puzzles, coloring, etc.

    Kids Pages - Flashcards, puzzles, riddles, games, coloring pages, etc.

    Lego - Games

    PBS Kids - videos and games

    Phonics Song - learn how to say the alphabet using this fun video

    Poetry Machine - Create your OWN poetry and be creative

    Reading Bingo - See if you can hit bingo before school is back in session

    Scholastic Family Playground - Games, contests, and books

    Seussville - Fun and games

    Virtual Field Trips - Great places for kiddos to visit

    YouTube Kids