• Health Starts Here

  • Hello Term 3!

    Let me start by saying I am so sad I will not have a chance to get to know all of you.  Unfortunately we will never get through all of the information, but I am going to put what I can on this website and we are all going to do our best!  

    1.  First thing you need to do is sign up for Remind. Text 81010 @k7c9k9. The class title is Health Term 3.

    2.  Check out the Videos & Movies page.  As of right now, they are only suggestions, but if you are going to watch something it might as well count for Health!    

    3.  If you decide to jump in and watch any of the suggested videos, there are a few questions for each video.  If you answer them, please email them to me at: mfranke@nfschools.net.  Please include your name, the title of the video and number the questions.  This is not required at this time, but I will take any work you do!  Assignments will be coming soon...

    4.  Check back here to see what has been added.  I will send updates to Remind as well.

    5.  Please concentrate on your core subjects and make sure you are keeping up with all your work!  

    This is a new way of teaching for everyone so please be patient and if you have any questions, please contact me!



  • Keep Calm and Stay Safe