• Monday April 13, 2020-Friday April 17, 2020


    Welcome back in a way...let us all remember to work together even though we are apart! I am always here through REMIND app and email at mfiore@nfschools.net which is also on the welcome page! 


    Today, let us log in to AMPLIFY ( I gave directions in case you forgot to log in on another page ) 


    Go to UNIT 7E The Frida and Diego Collection

    Click on the lesson brief tab to the left and read the OVERVIEW about what we will be doing in the lesson

    ALSO READ THE LESSON OVERVIEW AND THE SKILLS AND STANDARDS TAB....WHY??? Because this helps you to understand the purpose of why we do the activity, what you are supposed to learn and allows you to become familiar with academic language ...basically teacher language .... when you read these with every lesson you will be much more equipped with your vocabulary skills and be a smarty for 8th grade and we all want that :))

    Next go to VOCABULARY activities and open up the app and work on some new words! 

    Next GO TO SLIDE 2 Discuss Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera...since we are jumping to sub unit two ...you can google these artists in order to learn some background information about them. There is also a video to watch ...go back to the lesson brief tab and find it under materials to the right of the page. 

    Complete cards 1 and 2 on SLIDE 2 

    Complete slides 3, 4, 5 ....FYI: for sharing our writing ...feel free to share it with a family member at home and I will be viewing your writing daily as well! 

    Let us start there for now and I will update with the rest of the lesson on Monday/Tuesday! 

    Okay ...after completing the writing slide go on and complete the rest of the lesson including the solo. Diego created murals (painted pieces of artwork) that honored Detroits industrial history. This caused controversy (disagreements among people ). Read the article to find out more and answer the questions. 

    Complete lesson 2 ( ALL SLIDES) 

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