• End of the School Year & Summer Fun

    June 1st - 5th and June 8th & 9th


    end-of-school-year - Key Elementary


    Focus Question:  What are some fun summer activities?

    Monday: What is your favorite summer activity?

    Tuesday:  Have you ever seen or heard fireworks?  What is your favorite color firework?

    Wednesday: What kind of clothes do you wear in the summer?

    Thursday: What is your favorite summertime food?

    Friday:  What trips do we take in the summer? (zoo, park, amusement park)

    Monday:  What is the weather like in the summer?

    Tuesday:  Which would you prefer and why?

    Would you like to go to the beach or camping?


    Read Alouds For the Week:  

    The following books do not have to be read on any certain day of the week.  You can repeat them on any  1 given day.  Click on the book cover to hear the book read aloud.

    And Then Comes Summer      A Hot Summer    Clark the Shark

    Dream You'll Be    Pete the Cat , Play Ball    Pete The Cat Goes to the Beach

     Summer Book


    Learning Activities 

    Choose a different activity everyday.  Please take a photo of your child doing any of the learning activities and send them to me on Class Dojo.  HAVE FUN!!


    1.) Bring some sidewalk chalk outside and with your child, draw numbers 1-6 on the sidewalk and draw a square around each number. Roll the foam dice and count the dots. Help your child find the matching chalk number and see if your child can jump into the number's square.


    2.) Sort pom poms with tweezers by color. Your child could sort them into an egg carton, muffin tray or color circles on a piece of paper to sort them. 


    3.) Enjoy some water fun!  Use a hose or cups of water from the sink to play with water outside on a hot day.  Try water balloons or a baby pool if you have those at home too!  If you have a water table or baby pool, find some items to place in the water and find out which ones sink and which ones float.  Take guesses beforehand and record your investigation.

    4.) Use Magnetic Letters to practice their name on a metal pan or refrigerator.  Help your child make the sound for each letter.


    5.) Use the pipecleaner to paint fireworks!  Bend the bottom of a pipecleaner into an X shape.  Dip the X into paint and press onto paper, twisting the pipecleaner each time.  Use different colors and try it on black construction paper for a night-time look!


    6.) Make homemade bubbles. You can use straws or pipecleaners to blow the bubble. 

    7.) Draw numbers 1-6 in their own square on the sidewalk (as pictured). Roll the foam dice and count the dots. Help your child find the matching chalk number and see if your child can jump into the number's square. 


    Names Are Important 

    ABC Songs – singing the ABCs in different ways 

    Outdoor Activity – Walk the Line  

    * Outdoor Activity – Driveway Shape Maze 

    * Outdoor Activity – Balloon Tennis 

    25 Amazing Virtual Field Trips  

    * Watch this ABC Ball Pit video. See if your child can recognize the first letter of their name! 

    Tongue Twister activity