Ball Study

    May 26th - May 29th, 2020


    Click Here for a letter to famillies from Teaching Strategies: The Creative Curriculum featuring the Balls Study.

    Week of May 25th -29th

    Focus Question:  What did you like about the ball study the most?

    Questions of the Day
    Monday: What did you learn about balls?
    Tuesday: What are different balls made of?
    Wednesday: Do all balls bounce?
    Thursday: What ball game do you like the best?
    Friday: What balls do not bounce?

    Read Alouds For the Week:  


    The following books do not have to be read on any certain day of the week.  You can repeat them on any given day.  Click on the book cover to hear the book read aloud.

           Just Like Josh Gibson     Hit the Ball Duck!

    The Doorbell Rang    Pete the Cat , Play Ball  

     A Birthday Basket for Tia



    Learning Activities For This Week

    These activities are optional.  You do not have to complete all of them.  Just try a few this week.  Please take a photo of your child doing any of the learning activities and send them to me on Class Dojo.  HAVE FUN!!


    1.) Sesame Street: Balls With Elmo (Watch this Fun Video)


    2.) Marble Painting (pictured below). You can use any shape of paper, substitute paint with water and food coloring if you don't have paint, and the marbles for any round objects! 

    Earth Day Marble Painting directions


    3.) Try PLAY BALL activity with a big person. 




    4.) Muffin Man tossing Activity

    Muffin Man


    5.) Try the GREAT BIG GOLF activity with a big person.



    6.) Ball Bouncing - Gather any ball or ball shaped item in your home. Take them outside (weather permitting).  See which balls can bounce.  Why do they bounce (are they filled with air, are they heavy or light, are they hard or squisy?)

    Balls Bouncing



    7.) Try the BIG BOX BASKETBALL activity with a big person at home. 


    8.) Throw The Ball - Throw hard, throw far!  See how far the children can throw a ball.  Can they throw farther if they throw harder?


    Names Are Important 

    ABC Songs – singing the ABCs in different ways 

    Outdoor Activity – Walk the Line  

    * Outdoor Activity – Driveway Shape Maze 

    * Outdoor Activity – Balloon Tennis 

    25 Amazing Virtual Field Trips  

    * Watch this ABC Ball Pit video. See if your child can recognize the first letter of their name! 

    Tongue Twister activity