Inspirational quote
  • For all of my students: 

    This year has surely brought some uncertain and crazy events. I think of all of you often and know that this has not been easy for anyone. We have all been experiencing challenges. I wish we could be together in the classroom to share our thoughts and questions, but for our safety we cannot....hoping that changes by the fall. I am always available through REMIND text and email. I just want to reiterate (clarify) to all of you that you all have the ability to try your best with completing our current and final work in Amplify. As much as some of us voiced our frustrations about using the program or computers all the time in class, it really did help us in this situation.  Reading and learning about FRIDA and DIEGO introduced us to an artisitc perspective of analyzing text. This final unit is going to allow us to self reflect during a time which I am sure many of you have had to mature quickly in order to meet expectations with school work and home life. This will forever change us as a society. Please attempt to complete slides, questions etc. that you comprehend easily. Some of the slides you can move through quite quickly. The vocabulary app is great practice for building vocabulary skills. The exit tickets and solos are good self checks and reading comprehension practice. Reading really is the foundation for a variety of life skills and will help you be successful in all aspects of your life. Please try to complete what you have not done so up to this point. If you have to shorten the FRIDA and DIEGO response at the end ...that is fine. Finish strong and don't sell yourself will be proud of yourself to look back and say that you tried your very best!