• During this very interesting time in history, we are all working toward a "new normal," where we have to get used to doing things differently than we ever did before. Normally, 6th graders at Abate enjoy making their Coat of Arms project when they learn about Medieval Europe. We make a shield with symbols that identify different characteristics about oneself and one's family. There is no better time than now to get creative with resources and materials we have at home and make our own Coat of Arms as we all do our part in the battle against COVID-19! 

    PLEASE NOTE: This project is optional, and should be a fun and creative way to pass the time at home, while learning about history. Fancy supplies and resources are NOT required to do it. Use things you have around your house to create your shield, and maybe even enlist family members to help you. This is not meant to cause stress or worry, it is OPTIONAL but it is very fun! 

    Aim to complete your Coat of Arms by May 15. Take your time. Again, this is OPTIONAL. If you give me permission, I'd love to display photos of your work on my website as you complete them. Email your work to atomala@nfschools.net. 

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  • Great job, Shylo!

    Great job on your Coat of Arms, Shylo!!