• 20 Things to Say to Encourage Your Children


    1.  Great job!  Thank you for doing that.

    2.  Way to go.  I'm proud of you!

    3.  That was so kind of you!

    4.  Fantastic- thanks for listening the first time.

    5.  Wow- you really rocked it!

    6.  You know what?  You are a great kid!

    7.  I appreciate what you did.

    8.  I'm thinking about you.

    9.  Look at what you've accomplished!

    10.  What a great decision you made!

    11.  Thanks for doing that before I could even ask.

    12.  I'd love to hear about it.

    13.  You figured it out- that's awesome!

    14.  One step at a time- you're doing it!

    15.  Fabulous job- you were really listening.

    16.  I know that was a new thing for you- excellent try!

    17.  I love your creativity!

    18.  Thank you for sharing.

    19.  Keep going- you can do it!

    20.  I love you.