• Elementary Healthy Behaviors Curriculum

    6th Grade

    Lesson 1: Healthy Relationships

    • Discuss the many different types of relationships.
    • Describe characteristics of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships.
    • Identify appropriate behaviors within the context of friendships and intimate relationships.
    • Where can students go for help if they are in an unhealthy/unsafe relationship.

    Lesson 2: Stress and How to Handle It

    • Students will identify their stressors
    • Identify the effects of stress on your on your mental and physical health
    • Discuss how students can avoid or reduce the stress
    • Identify strategies to reduce stress
    • Practice Stress-Management Techniques

    Lesson 3: Personal Values and Decision-Making

    • Discuss how unhealthy behaviors can lead to unwanted and dangerous outcomes.
    • Identify a strategy for making decisions.
    • Why do young people make unhealthy decisions that put their health at risk.
    • Discuss how your personal values can impact decision making.
    • Practice the steps in decision-making process with age appropriate scenarios.

    Lesson 4: Dangers associated with Technology and the Internet

    • Learn how the internet can be harmful.
    • What to do if you find something dangerous on-line.
    • Appropriate use of the internet.
    • Appropriate use of commonly used apps on smart phones.

    Lesson 5: Sex and Sexuality

    • Define sex and sexuality and explain the difference.
    • Create a list of intimate behaviors and discuss what would be appropriate for 5th or 6th grader.
    • Discuss self-control, self-awareness, impulse control and responsible decision making.