Elementary Healthy Behaviors Curriculum

    5th Grade


    Lesson 1: Introduction/What is Puberty and why is it happening to me?

    • Create a comfortable environment.
    • Introduce anonymous question box.
    • Define puberty and explain why it occurs.
    • Introduce vocabulary used to describe both male and female reproductive systems.

    Lesson 2:  Social and Emotional changes that occur during puberty

    • Discuss social and emotional changes that occur during puberty.
    • Describe that changing emotions and mood swings are common during puberty.
    • Discuss ways to manage mood/emotions during puberty and throughout life.
    • Identify characteristics of a healthy friendship.
    • Learn to recognize peer pressure and strategies to avoid being negatively influenced by peers.


    Lesson 3:  Physical changes during puberty

    • Understand physical changes experienced by both genders during the years of puberty.
    • Identify who students can talk to- someone they trust for issues regarding sexuality and puberty.
    • Students should feel comfortable to discuss puberty with a trusted adult.
    • What are some of the feelings students will experience as they go through puberty.

    Lesson 4 and 5: Male and Female Reproductive System

    • Describe the structure and function of the male and female reproductive system.
    • Learn proper vocabulary vs. Slang terminology.
    • Understand the process of sperm production.
    • Understand the process of maturation process of female reproductive system (ovulation and menstruation.