• Hi Boys and Girls.  I hope you are enjoying our Webpage.  Lets try to keep our daily schedule.  We can start the morning with breakfast.  Remember to say "thank you" for your family and the food you are eating.   We can say the "Pledge of Allegiance"  ,  read a book and then do an activity.  Most of all have fun!!!

    Parents and Guardians, we are continuing our unit study on Balls. 

    Below are read alouds and suggested activities that will reinforce this information (scroll to the bottom for the read alouds). We will be reading...

          Bounce      The Three Billy Goats Gruff     Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia

    Focus Question:  Do all balls bounce

  • Suggested Activities

    Balls Bouncing

    *Gather any ball or ball shaped item in your home. Take them outside (weather permitting).  See which balls can bounce.  Why do they bounce (are they filled with air, are they heavy or light, are they hard or squisy?)


     Ball Toss

    Rolling Ball


    *Using any larger sized ball, sit on the floor across from your child, legs open.  Roll the ball back and forth, slowly at first, then increasing speed as your child becomes comfortable with trapping the ball and rolling it back.  After some practice, try counting aloud how many times you can get the ball back and forth.  Can you get to 20 passes?  If the ball can bounce, try standing and bouncing the ball back and forth!


    *Names are Important activity.


    *Marble Painting

    Marble Painting  

    You can use any shape of paper, substitute paint with water and food coloring if you don't have paint and the marbles for any round object!