• Hi Boys and Girls.  I hope you are enjoying our Webpage.  Lets try to keep our daily schedule.  We can start the morning with breakfast.  Remember to say "thank you" for your family and the food you are eating.   We can say the "Pledge of Allegiance"  ,  read a book and then do an activity.  Most of all have fun!!!

    Parents and Guardians, we are starting a unit study on Balls.  Below are read alouds and suggested activities that will reinforce this information. We will be reading...

    Have a Ball     The Little Red Hen    A Ball for Daisy    Round like a Ball

    Focus Questions For the Week: What do we know about balls? What do we want to find out?

    Question of the Day:

    Monday: Which is your favorite ball to play with?
    Tuesday: Is your ball bigger or smaller than a baseball?
    Wednesday: Can you roll a ball?
    Thursday: Is your ball bigger or smaller than a soccer ball?
    Friday: How many times can you bounce your ball?



  • Read Aloud  

    Monday Read Aloud - The Little Red Hen (click to read) 

    Tuesday Read Aloud - Have a Ball! (click to read) 

    Wednesday Read Aloud - A Ball for Daisy (click to read - this story has no words, which kiddos love! Help your child narrate what is happening in the story!) 

    Thursday Read Aloud - Have a Ball! (click to read AGAIN -- when you're done see what balls you can find in your refrigerator or pantry!) 

    Friday Read Aloud - Round Like a Ball (click to read on Epic -- class code dyr1686) 

  • Suggested Activities 

    * Gather any balls or ball-shaped items in your home. Take them outside (weather permitting). See which balls you can throw and which you can roll. Do any of them bounce? 

    * Sort the balls you've gathered into groups (can sort by size, by color, by weight). Sorting and explaining why you've sorted objects into groups works our mathematical and reasoning muscles! 

    * Try to make a meal with ball-shaped foods (meatballs, cheeseballs, grapes, oranges, apples, tomatoes) 

    * Watch this ABC Ball Pit videoSee if your child can recognize the first letter of their name.

    * Tallying is great way to keep track of information.  Using a piece of paper, decide what you wanyt to tally (how many cars you see on your walk, how many pretzels are on your plate for lunch, how many socks are in your drawer--anything you can count and tally!) Count up the tallies when you're done! You can do this multiple times a day/week and compare the groups of tallies (which has more, which has less, which is bigger, which is smaller).

    * Names Are Important  

    * Write the first letter of your child's first name using dots (they look like balls!), then using crayons, markers, paint, or just their finger, have your child trace the letter.

    * Have shaving cream? Put some on a tray or table and let your children create whatever they like! Bonus -- the shaving cream acts as a cleaning agent! 

    * ABC Songssinging the ABCs in different ways


    Outdoor Activities


    Walk the Line                

       Walk the Line


    Driveway Shape Maze      

         Driveway Shape Maze


    Balloon Tennis         

      Balloon Tennis