• Here are some Clyde family updates and things we are doing at home with

    Mackenzie and Jaxon!

    Mrs. Clyde, Mackenzie & Jaxon

    Our nephew has arrived!

     Mrs. Clyde and Joey

    Baby Joey was born on March 13th. We love him so much and can't wait to be able to spend time with him once he's a little older. For now, we enjoy seeing him in pictures and on Facetime :)


     Easter fun!

    Dying Easter eggs

    Mackenzie & Mr. Clyde dying Easter eggs

    Jaxon "helping"

    Jaxon was a huge help :P



     Who says it's too cold for a picnic?

    Mackenzie and toad

    Mackenzie made a friend today... a toad we found in our backyard. She named him Dezio!

    Family picnic

    It was so warm today, we decided to go to Goat Island for a little picnic. Mr. Clyde is so silly!

    Baby geese

    Baby geese near the Falls!

    Car ride

    About to take off to find Mrs. Touchette on her one-woman half marathon around LaSalle! 

Last Modified on May 17, 2020