• Parents, Guardians, and Friends:

    At Henry J. Kalfas Magnet School we understand and appreciate that you are entrusting us with the care and education of what you value the most...your children.  Be assured that our staff is committed to providing instruction of the highest quality in an environment that nurtures the academic and social development of every child. 

    Our staff firmly believes that the expectations for appropriate student conduct must be taught, modeled and reinforced at every opportunity.  In support of this belief we are dedicated to the pro-active principles of school-wide Positive Behavior Management (PBM), which promotes desirable student behaviors, a focus on learning, and a positive school climate.

    Please remember that together we are part of a community of learners dedicated to every child’s success.  Through your continued involvement and support we will ensure that Kalfas Magnet School continues to be a positive and secure place for all of us to learn, work and grow.

    Best wishes for a happy and successful school year!

    Italo J. Baldassarre


    Mr. Baldassarre Picture