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    Henry J. Kalfas Elementary School classrooms keep students engaged and excited about their learning!  
    Literacy Instruction

    All K-6 classrooms in the Niagara Falls City School District use a literacy workshop model incorporating the rich and challenging Journeys Program (K-5) and Amplify (Gr. 6).  During a daily 2 ½ hour Literacy Block students develop good habits by focusing on phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills that will help them become fluent lifelong readers and writers. 

    The Literacy Block consists of:

    Skill Development - where students develop learn phonemic awareness. 

    Reading - concentrating on language, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. 

    Writing - where students plan, edit, revise, and publish their own writing. 

    All of our classrooms are organized around rituals and routines that keep students engaged and excited about their learning!



    Mathematics instruction at Kalfas Elementary School takes place in a workshop setting. Through Investigations 3 (K-2) and the New York State Mathematics Curriculum Learning Modules (Gr. 6), work and study is conducted in a variety of ways.  Students work independently, collaboratively with a small group of students, and communally with the entire class. Students frequently reinforce math skills by talking and thinking about it; comparing solutions and giving explanations, and identifying errors by tracing their reasoning.  Artifacts, objects and games are also provided to facilitate learning. The combination of rituals, routines, and artifacts helps us create an effective learning environment.