• Everyday our class practices how to sound out words through Smarty Ants. This is a game that we play online for 20-30 minutes per day. You may visit Smarty Ants through the NF District website, Symbaloo.

    The username is slaper@nfschools.net

    Topics in Math Week 10 - 40 Curriculum

    • Read, write and identify numbers 1-20
    • Rote count 1-20
    • Sort objects by color, size and shape
    • Positional words (above, below, over, under, between, right, left)
    • Explore patterns
    • Measurement
    • Graphing
    • Time (to the hour)
    • Money (identify penny, nickel, dime)
    • Four basic shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle)
    • Solid figures (sphere, cylinder, cone, cube)
    • Addition and Subraction

     10 Week Curriculum    





    Problem Solving: model using manipulatives, interpret, draw, compare, make observations
    Reasoning and Proof: guess, listen, share, true/false
    Communication: draw, explain, share ideas, organize
    Representations: draw, see mathematics is their daily lives, model a situation
    Number Sense and Operations: count, less, more, number, next, numeral, ordinal numbers (first-tenth), after
    Algebra: attribute
    Geometry: shape, size, sort
    Measurement: afternoon, daylight, evening, morning, noon
    Statistics and Probability: data, less, more, pictograph, same, tally mark




     20 Week Curriculum

    Problem Solving: 
    act out, explore
    Communication: use the language of math
    Representation: act it out, draw
    Number Sense and Operations: collection
    Algebra: length
    Measurement: as long as, longer, longer than, shorter, shorter than


    30 Week Curriculum





    Problem Solving: examine, draw, explore, model using manipulatives
    Communication: ask questions, draw
    Representation: draw, model a situation
    Number Sense and Operations: number, numeral
    Geometry: above, below, beside, between, next to, on, over, shape, size, sort, under, rectangle, symmetry
    Measurement: as long as, longer, longer than, shorter than




    40 Week Curriculum





    Problem Solving: generate solutions, identify the problem, solution, strategy
    Reasoning and Proof: listen, share
    Communication: draw, explain, share ideas, use the language of math
    Connections: apply, use strategies
    Representation: act it out, draw, model a situation
    Number Sense and Operations: count backwards, before, all together, add, sum, fewer, fewer than, number, numeral, take away
    Algebra: attribute, pattern
    Geometry: shape, size