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       Daily Activities


      Students are expected to spend 2 to 3 hours each day on class assignments.

      All written work will be collected for a final grades in June. 


      ELA-   Please go to SmartyAnts to complete 30 minutes of reading assignments daily. Your child's progress will be tracked through this program. Your childs screen name for SmartyAnts is my email address slaper@nfschools.net & their password is your childs student ID found on your childs report card in the top left hand corner. Below is the direct link to SmartyAnts.




      1. Read your favorite book with a family member. For story title ideas try theses links storyline Online or Tumblebooks .

      2. Retell the story to your family member.

      3. Using a full sentences, write a three sentence story retell. Include the title & your favorite part of the story. Make sure to explain why this was your favorite part & how this part made you feel.Then draw a picture matching your story. Example of a excellent written story retell. Title: The Three Little Pigs. My favorite part was when the big bad wolf could not blow down the little pigs brick house. I like this part because the pigs outsmarted the wolf. I felt happy because the three little pigs were safe from the wolf.



       Please go to Moby Max to complete daily math assignments. Your child's progress will be tracked.





      Weekly online Math Assignments will go through MobyMax (this is new program for our online learners.) where your child should spend 30 minutes each day.

      MobyMax is found through Symbaloo. Once in Symbaloo, MobyMax is the 7th box down from the top & then the 5th box accross. Your username & password is your child's student ID found on the top of their report card. Once you are in you can save your username & password so you do not have to put it in everytime you are signing into this program. Click on the Math app and take the math placement test.  Please make sure you do not help your child or they will not be able to work independently. Once your child takes the placement test they will have daily activities assigned to them on their math level that they will work on independently at their own pace.


      In order to transition into teaching your child new information, we are starting to focus on 1-digit by 1-digit addition! 


      Counting           count                      Lets count

      I know that students benefit from using manipulatives to solve math problems! If possible, have your child use household items such as: cereal, crackers, blocks, legos etc. to aid them in adding 2 numbers together! Using your fingers is also a great strategy that you can use.










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