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    Delayed Language Program

    Grades 3-5 

     Cataract Elementary School


    Hello I just wanted to say that I miss everyone and I hope that you are doing well away from the classroom right now. As we continue to progress through the school year I ask that the students check back to this site on a regular basis for any updated classroom information and assignments.   

    For any direct communication please continue to use the ClassDojo App.

    If you are having difficulty reaching me, you can also contact me at pmohrjr@nfschools.net


    Parents during this challenging time I ask that you do not stress about any specific academic concepts or programs. Please continue to help your child in any way that you may know how. Read EVERY DAY with your child. (Sometimes they should read to you and sometimes they should listen to you read out loud.) This is the biggest way you can help your child during this period. 

    Although being out of school creates many difficulties, I encourage you to take this time to show your children skills that they may have otherwise never been exposed to such as: learning how to measure items needed to bake cookies, how to wash dishes/laundry, and a big one for our class is practice tying shoes. The ideas are limitless, I just encurage you to make the most out of your child's time home from school.

    Please take a look at the different sections of this website. There are areas that you will find links to various educational websites that your student can use directly from home. 


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