• Academic Links / Learning From Home

    The following links are programs that we frequently use throughout the typical schoool week and can help to supplement many classroom assignments.

  • Please use the link https://www.mobymax.com/signin/pmohr 

    to access your daily lessons. 


    Moby Max will ask you to take a few small placement tests. The students will then be able to login to each section on a daily basis to complete their lessons.

    Each lesson will be individualized to work on specific skills for each student. Students are welcome to explore all areas of the website, but students should focus the bulk of their attention on the Math, Language, and Foundational Reading sections.  




    • Smarty Ants - Practice for beginning readers  (Username pmohrjr@nfschools.net  Password: 12345)


    • MyNGConnect - Variety of reading based skills. ( If a student needs their indivdual passwork please send me a message on ClassDojo) 


    • StarFall - Variety of early education skills (If a student needs an account to practice please contact me on ClassDojo)


    • Prodigy - Individualized math assignments (If a student needs their indivdual password please send me a message on ClassDojo) 


    • Go Noodle - Music and Movement based activites.


    • Arcademics - This is a new site for the students, I would start students off approximatley on the 2nd grade games and have them move up if they feel comfortable. 



  • In this section students can find a varitey of learning activies and assignments. The reading assignments are broken down by grade level and will be updated peridodically. Please feel free to try any of the levels listed. They are only seperated for informational purposes. (There are only required if you are unable to get Moby Max to work properly)

    Click Here for "Paper" Assignments