Morning Meeting / Songs

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    We start each day by discussing our daily events and what is new and interesting in the world around us. 


    Take time daily to discuss the date:

    What day was Yesterday?

    What day is Today?

    What day will it be Tomorrow? 

    What is the day of the month?

    How many days have passed this year?  

    Practice writing the days of the week. 


    This is was one of our favorite parts of the day. 

    What is the weather outside today?

    Is it rainy, sunny, snowy, foggy etc? 

    Does it feel Cool, Cold, Hot or Warm? 


    If available look up the weather using a website, app or newspaper.

    What does the weather look like for the rest of the week? 

    What is the weather like today in other parts of the country / world? 

    What types of weather should we be prepred for in the spring?  

    What activities can we do this time of year?