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      April 7, 2020
      Hi Kindergarten Friends!

      Suzy here! How is your week going? Have you been a peacemaker? It has been a fun week in the house for me. First, I went on a walk with mom.Ifelt​happy​and​refreshedw​ henwewereoutside.Then,weate hotdogs for lunch! Hotdogs are my favorite. I felt ​surprised ​and excited​! How do you feel when your family makes your favorite food for lunch? Remember, we can have many feelings at one time!

      I watched a fun video today on YouTube. I got to name some feelings with Murray from Sesame Street! Can you play the game with me? Here is the link!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxfJicfyCdg&t=149s

      I did have one problem this week. Thursday night I was playing with my favorite puzzle and I was feeling ​proud​ because I almost finished the whole thing! That was until my sister accidently knocked it off the table and pieces went everywhere! I started to feel my face get hot and red and I was feeling ​annoyed a​ nd​ angry!​ But then I remembered that I needed to be a peacemaker! So I decided to ​Stop, Step Back, Breathe, and Think!​ Then I realized I wasn’t feeling

      angry anymore!

      I was feeling so ​proud ​that I called Tuggles and told him all about it! Have you practiced how to cool down when feeling angry? Can you stop and take some deep breaths next time you have an uncomfortable feeling?

      Can’t wait to talk to you again! Suzy

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