• Things to do                        Pencil Drawing

    Notebook- write a story each page. You can write about something you
    like to do, something you read about, one of your friends, write about your
    family, write a letter to your teacher, write about your favorite game.
    Anything you want! Draw an illustration to match your story. Make sure
    you have good spaces to read all the words!

    Tic Tac Toe Board (click for more instructions)- pick one sight word and play against someone. Each
    person should pick a different color! Then take turns writing the sight word
    in a box. The first person to get 3 in a row (down, across, or diagonal)

    Books- read them to yourself, someone in your house or even read to your
    favorite toy. See if you can find words that you know and frame them. Can
    you find the first part of the sentence on each page? How about the last
    part? Click here to tips when reading and writing with your child!

    Sight Words- turn them all into cards and make piles of the ones you can
    read and the ones you need to practice. Use each word to write a

    Magnet Boards- use the magnet letters to make your sight words, words
    you find in books, names, rhyming words...

    Letter Practice - Choose 1 or 2 letters every day and practice writing in