The Parts of A Reading Recovery Lesson

     two girls reading outside

    • Rereading Familiar Books- At the beginning of every lesson, I get to read 2 or 3 familiar books. I get to pick some of my favorite stories.  This is easy for me.  I try to read my books fluently, like a storyteller or people talking.


    • Taking a Running Record- Next I have a book to read all by myself. My reading teacher listens as I read and she takes a record.  I read this book without any help from my reading teacher, unless I really get stuck. Then she tells me the word. I read this book yesterday and my reading teacher helped me work through the tricky parts.


    • Letter Identification/Word Work- Throughout my lesson, I may need to work on learning about letters, sounds, or important parts of words. I get to use magnetic lessons, dry erase boards, gel boards, and other fun ways to help me with my learning.


    • Writing a Story- Every day I get to create my own sentence story to write in my writing book. Sometimes I write about one of the books I am reading to show I understand it, but sometimes I am so excited about something happening in my life I chose to write about that. Some words I can write by myself and my reading teacher works with me to figure out how I can write new words.  I like to read my story when I am finished.


    • Cut-up Sentence- My reading teacher writes my story on a long strip of paper. She cuts it up into different pieces so I can put it back together again.  The sentence is cut up all different ways depending on what my teacher wants me to focus on today.  After I out the sentence back together, I have to check it to see if I got it right.  This is the sentence I will bring home to you to share.


    • New Book Introduction- My reading teacher picks out a new story and tells me a little bit about it. We look at some of the pictures and talk about what is happening.  We talk about what the characters might be saying.  My reading teacher also helps me think about some new, important words in the book.


    • New Book Reading- Now I get the chance to put all I have learned into action. I get to read my new book.  When I come to a hard part, my reading teacher coaches me to help me think about how I can help myself.  She shows me what I can think about or do to work through the hard parts.  I work hard on this story so I will be ready to read it all by myself in my next lesson.