• Weekly Assignments 6/1

    We are continuing with the lessons assigned through our books website. This will give you the ability to watch a video explaining the lesson and the ability to turn your work in as you do it.

    To get to the lessons you will need to log into Clever(remember your user name and password is your student number).  Once on your site find the HRW box. It looks like the picture below.

    HRW icon

    Once inside the HRW program you will have assignment already assigned to you. Click on the lesson assigned below and complete the work. Make sure you hit submit when you have completed the lesson.  It will then be turned in and graded.

    No more saving pages, no more trying to figure the lesson out on your own.  This should be better for everyone. If you have any problems you can still send me a message and hopefully I will be able to help you.

    *** The assignments below are NOT linked.  You will need to find the assigned lesson within the program.****

    Monday: Lesson 15.3 Interactive Student Lesson watch the video and complete the questions within and after the video.

    Tuesday: Lesson 15.3 Homework complete the problems based on yesterday video and work. 

    Wednesday:Module 15 Assessment Readiness complete the assignment to prepare for Friday's Quiz

    Thursday: Module 15 Pre-test complete the questions to prepare you for tomorrows quiz


    Friday: Module 15 Post-test complete the test to the best of your ability


     You can also go on Imagine Math at any time to brush up on things you may need to work on. Log into your Clever.com web page to get access to any of our internet Intervention sites.



Last Modified on May 31, 2020