• Math

    To access your Math lessons, you should log into Clever and navigate to MyHRW. I have assigned the Interactive Student Lessons for each lesson. These assignments will show up just like they do while we are in class. In addition to this, on Tuesday and Thursday, you should complete 30 minutes on Imagine Math.

    Language Arts

    To access your Language Arts lessons, you should log into Clever and navigate to Amplify. Please complete the lessons just as we do while in class. This means that you begin with 10 minutes of the Vocabulary App and then follow through with the rest of the lesson (I will tell you which Activity Cards to do for each Lesson). Be sure to always click Hand In or Update. I also expect you to complete the Solo Activities for each lesson. Click here to access the Mobile Solo activities. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you should work on Achieve 3000, completing an Activity and Thought Question of your choice.

    Science and Social Studies

    Follow Microsoft Teams Directions to complete these lessons. Click here for directions and a video tutorial on how to access and complete Microsoft Teams assignments. If you are experiencing issues with Microsoft Teams, you can click on the lesson links to access the reading. Students having difficulty with Microsoft Teams assignments can either write the answers to the questions on a separate sheet of paper or type them in a word document and submit them to me via Remind or email.