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    Pre K 3/Pre K 4 Art Project for 6/1/20:


    Family Portrait                              


    The following art project is about portrait art.  A portrait is when an artist does a picture of or about someone else.  It’s like when you have your school picture taken every year, but instead of a photograph it is a drawing or a painting of that person or persons. 


    You are to draw a portrait of your entire immediate family.  Immediate family means your mother, father, brother(s), and sister(s).  Since many of us feel our pets are our immediate family too, you can add your dog, cat, fish, lizard, turtle, hamster; whatever animal you have at home to your family portrait.  Do your best to capture the likeness or personality of each family member in your family portrait.  You can look at the person you are drawing into the portrait while you are drawing them or you can do it from memory.  When drawing each person in your family portrait make sure to add something to that person that definitely tells us who they are.  Some suggestions are: draw them in their favorite color, favorite outfit, glasses, hairstyle, with their favorite toy or object, et cetera.   Once you have finished drawing everyone in your family portrait think about putting your family in an interesting setting or background.  You can use your family’s favorite part of your house or your family’s favorite place as the background.  Make sure to have fun, be creative, and do your best. 


    ** Bonus: Do the project again but this time do a family portrait of your extended family.  Extended family is your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  See how well you can do capturing the likenesses and personalities of all these family members. 


    This art project can be created with any dry media you have.  Dry mediums are: pencil, crayons, colored pencils, markers, and pen.


    * When finished, share your picture with someone.  See if they can recognize what your picture is about, themselves in it, or other family members, and then tell them what it is.