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    Physical Education

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    Lesson for 6/1/20-6/5/20

    Grade Level: 5 th

    Lesson Title: Invisible Dumbbell Stations

    NYS Learning Standard: 1a. Students will perform basic motor and manipulative skills. Students will attain competency in a variety of motor and sports activities.

    Warm Up: Perform: 20 Jumping Jacks, 10 Push Ups, 20 Stomach Curls & 20 Jumping Jacks

    Activity: Invisible Dumbbell Stations: Please see the attachment, read page one and then perform the 6 different stations. All station pages include an explanation of the exercise and how to complete the skill.

    Cool Down: Take 5 minutes to stretch and cool down, drink a large glass of water and don’t forget to wash your hands.