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    Welcome to our Reading and ELA Page!                                                                            

    On this page you will find a variety of activites, links to instructional websites and assignments that will help you practice the skills we have been learning all year. Please check the weekly message page HERE for specific assignments to complete.


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    Reading Comprehension

    Reading grade-level stories and being able to ask and answer related questions is a year-long learning target in third grade. To continue practicing this learning objective, here are several passages that require both reading and answering comprehension questions.

    Here are a few comprehension stories that are sure to challenge and sharpen your skills!

    Kate's Deadline

    Animal Helpers

    A Good Night's Sleep



    Writing to respond to specific stories or prompts is a skill we learn and practice a lot in third grade. Below are several "story starter" prompts to help you continue to develop and practice your handwriting, punctuation, grammar and response skills.

    Prompt1    Prompt2

    Prompt3    Prompt4

    Prompt5    Prompt6

    Prompt7    Prompt8

    Prompt9    Prompt10


    RACE Strategy Practice

     To assist us in writing detailed responses, we have learned about the RACE Strategy. Below is a reminder of what a RACE response to writing should look like.

    RACE strategy  

    Use the RACE strategy to complete the follwing writing assignments:

    Should Kids Have Cell Phones assignment

    Creatures in the Classroom assignment


    Author's Purpose

    We have been learning that an author usually writes a story for three reasons — and for students, identifying which of these three things is as easy as "P.I.E"

    P - to Pursade

    I - to Inform

    E - to Entertain

    Here is anactivity to help students practice identifying an author's purpose.

    Author's Purpose

  • Figuratively Speaking

    We have spent a lot of time this year learning about figurative language such as metaphors and idioms.

    Metaphors are used to compare two things that are different in most ways but are the same in one, important way. A metapor states that one thing is something else.

    Here is a worksheet to practice Metaphors.

    Idioms are well-known phrases that mean something different than what the word or phrase seems to mean. For example, "it's raining cats and dogs" means it's raining hard, not that it's actually raining cats and dogs.

    To practice Idioms here are a few worksheets.

    What are Idioms?

    Draw that Idiom

    Animal Idiom Bingo


    What's the Main Idea?

    Being able to read a paragraph or story and determine the main idea is another learning objective we have been working on in third grade. Below are several mini-lessons to help students practice and sharpen their skills.

    Main Idea1    Main Idea2

    Main Idea3    Main Idea4

    Main Idea5    Main Idea6

    Main Idea7    Main Idea8

    Main Idea9    Main Idea10

  • Online Programs and Activities We Use

    Below are some interactive websites we use in class to practice our English Language Arts skills. If you have trouble signing into your account, please contact Mr. Forgione by email or using the REMIND app.



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