** Please keep ALL completed work in a folder and label it with your child's name. This work will be collected for review at a later time. If you do not have a printer, you can date assignments and do them on loose leaf paper, or in a journal.**


    April 13th- April 20th



    • Count with an adult to 100 by ones and tens
    • Write numbers 1-20
    • Teen Numbers/Number Line Addition (Jumping Froggies)
    • Addition sums within 10 worksheet
    • Model the story problem worksheet (Addition)


    • Listen to your favorite read aloud online or at home.
    • Write a sentence about your favorite character with a picture to match. (Page1)
    • Write a sentence about your favorite part with a picture to match. (Page 2)
    • Write a sentence about what you have been doing at home with a picture to match. (Page 3)


    • Beginning sounds picture match. 


    • Talk to a family member about the day's weather and the type of clothing they should wear.




    April 20th- April 24th

                                                                                                           Language Arts Focus for the week



    Topic- Working Together

    SIGHT WORDS- make, them, give, play, say, new


    Monday- Day 1

    E.L.A.-   Reading Comprehension page 1

                Read Aloud, "The Good Egg" by Jory John

    Tell an adult , who was the main character of this story? What was the problem of this story? How did the character's feelings change at the end of the story?

    Draw a picture of the Good Egg and write a sentence of two ways you are a good egg.

    I am a good egg because...


    Skills-   Review Sight words from unit 1-3 with an adult.   

       Write out each word that you missed 3 times each ( Sight Word List can be found on the resource page.)

    Math-   Write your numbers to 30

                 Subtraction Word Story

    Science-   Observe  and describe the weather today (such as sunny, cloudy , rain, snow and warm/cold.) Draw a picure and write a simple sentence to describe the day's weather conditions.


    Tuesday- Day 2

    E.L.A.-    Reading Comprehension 2

                             Zin! Zin! Zin! a Violin

               Recall the names of the different groups that play together.

    Skills-    Write 5 words that rhyme with Zin (Remember rhyming words end the same.)

    Math-    Write your numbers to 100 by 10's.

               If I had 2 violins and 3 trombones, how many instruments do I have all together?

              Draw to solve and write and equation to match.      

    Science-  Draw a picture of you outside today. 

                  Label the clothes you are wearing for this Spring day.


    Wednesday- Day 3

    E.L.A.-    Reading Comprehension 3

                             "Simon and Molly Plus Hester", by Lisa Jahn Clough

               What was your favorite part of the story? 

               Draw a picture and write a sentence to match.

    Skills-   Review Sight words from unit 4 with an adult (Sight Word List can be found on the resource page.)

                Write out each word that you missed 3 times each

    Math-   Write your numbers to 30

    Science-      Learn Weather Vocabulary


    Thursday- Day 4

    E.L.A.-  Reading Comprehension 4

               Discuss how all three books this week are related and go

               along with the topic of working together.

              (add details from each text to support your thinking)

    Skills-  (Make, them, give, play, say, new)  Say or write each word in a sentence.

    Math-   Write your numbers to 100 by 5's.

    Science-    Draw picture of your favorite weather. Write a sentence to match.


    Friday- Day 5

    E.L.A.- Reading Comprehension 5

               Write an opinion piece of what book you liked the most this

               week.   I like... (title of book.)   Then give two reasons or

               details from the book that you liked about it.

    Skills-    Tapping out words

    Math-  Write out and solve your partners of 5.

               0+5=     1+4=      2+3=      3+2=    4+1=      5+0=    4+1=     3+2=    

    Science-        Weather Song



     April 27th- May 1st




    Topic – “Growing Up”

    Sight Words – said, good, was, then, ate, could

    Monday- Day 1

    E.L.A. – Reading Comprehension 1

    Read Aloud: "A Tiger Grows Up" by, Anastasia Suen

    Parents, please listen to the story with your child. While listening, pause the story to ask questions about the events in the book. For example, discuss how the tiger grows and how the mother tiger cares for her cubs.

    After reading, have your child write and draw about one thing the tiger learns to do as it grows up.

    SkillsRead new sight words together. Make flashcards or cut

    the cards out from your sight word packets.

    MathCount to 100 by 10s with an adult.

    Draw a picture to solve and write an equation to match.

    “Corey was looking for books in the library. She saw 5 books on the table. Corey took 2 of the books from the table to read. How many books were left on the table?”

    ScienceGo outside and observe how nature is changing as the

    temperature gets higher. Draw a picture of something that

    you notice.


    Tuesday – Day 2

    E.L.A. – Reading Comprehension 2

    Read Aloud: "Leo the Late Bloomer, by Robert Kraus 

    Parents, please listen to the story with your child. Hit pause at different parts while reading and have your child identify the characters, setting and important events.

    After listening, have your child identify Leo’s problem and how it was solved. Have your child pick one thing that Leo learns how to do and draw/write about it.

    Skills Review all sight words and use them to write a sentence.

    MathCount to 100 by 1s with an adult.

    Draw a picture to solve and write an equation to match.

    “There were 7 kids on the playground. 3 kids went home. How

    Many kids were left on the playground?“

    SciencePick your favorite season and talk about it with an adult.


    Wednesday – Day 3

    E.L.A. – Reading Comprehension 3

    Review the story from yesterday, Leo the Latebloomer, by Robert Kraus.

    Talk to an adult about how you are like Leo. What are some things you can do now that you couldn’t do at the beginning of kindergarten? Make a list of 4 things you have learned to do and draw a picture of you doing your favorite.

    Example: “I learned how to blow a bubble.”

    Skills – Practice tapping out the sounds as you read the words:

                       jet  jug  jam  box  fox  fax  yes  yet  yam

    Math – Practice writing 0 – 20.

    Draw a picture to solve and write an equation to match.

    “There are 9 birds in the tree. 2 fly away. How many birds are left?”

    Science Talk to an adult about how you can use your senses to

    describe springtime. Draw a picture of something that you talked

    about. Please write a sentence about how you used your sense.

    Example: “I used my sense of sight to see the robin.”


    Thursday – Day 4

    E.L.A. – Reading Comprehension 4

    Read aloud, "The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds   

    Parents, please listen with your child.


    After listening to the story, talk about the following:

    • Who was the main character of the story?

    • What was her problem?

    • Was she able to fix her problem?

    Skills Put the words with the same beginning sounds together:

                   man  jar  sun  mop  mug  jog  sat  jig  sad

    MathPractice counting to 100 by 1s and by 10s.

    Listen:  Ten Frame Song

    Draw a picture to solve and write an equation to match.

    “There were 6 pennies on the ten frame. How many more

    pennies do you need to fill the ten frame?”

    ScienceTalk about one of the seasons and draw a picture and write

    a sentence that matches.


    Friday – Day 5

    E.L.A. – Reading Comprehension 5

    Talk about the 3 books we have read this week. How are they alike?

    How did the books fit the topic of the week?

    Skills Review all of your sight words and practice using them in a sentence or two.

    MathPractice counting to 100by 1s or 10s. Write 0 – 20.

    Make up your own question of the day and write it in your math notebook. Solve your problem and draw a picture to show your work.

    ScienceGo outside on a nature walk. Draw a picture of

    yourself outside and the special clothing you need to wear.

    What is something that you are wearing today that you couldn’t wear in December.