• Daily Activities for June 1st - June 9th

     Although this is not how we could have ever imagined wrapping up our year, this is our last week (7 instructional days) of school. We loved the time we had with your children and have missed them and thought of them every day.

     We hope you and your childr are enjoying the materials in the wonderful gift bags from our district. They are filled with supplies to encourage creativity, play, and fine motor skills. If you are interested in additional activities and stories after June 9th, or have any questions or concerns, please contact me at any time!

    Questions to discuss with your child:

    What can we do with chalk?

    What is your favorite thing to do outside?

    What happens in summer? What changes?

    What would you like to do at the beach?

    Do you like hot foods or cold foods?




  • Suggested Activities

     *Many of the items in the Pre-K gift bag can be used for the activities below*

    Homemade Bubbles  Chalk Numbers

    Watercolor Rainbow Pipecleaner Counting

    Pom Pom Sorting Magnetic Letters

    *Make homemade bubbles. You can use straws or pipecleaners to blow the bubble.

    *Draw numbers 1-6 in their own square on the sidewalk (as pictured). Roll the foam dice and count the dots. Help your child find the matching chalk number and see if your child can jump into the number's square.

    *Painting is a wonderful way to strengthen your child's fine motor skills, express their creativity, and practice letters, numbers, and their name. Painting a rainbow with the paint set is a fun way to practice colors.

    *String beads or cereal onto the pipecleaners to practice counting or making patterns.

    *Sort the pom poms with tweezers by color. Your child could sort them into an egg carton, or color circles on a piece of paper to sort them.

    *Use the Magnetic Letters to practice their name. Use our previous Circle Time boards to practice the letter of the week.

    More Summer Fun

    Summer Activities

  • Name and Letter Recognition

    The attached name sheets can be printed for name tracing and/or letter recognition. Some of our kiddos enjoyed tracing their name with a crayon or marker (or any available writing utensil or just their finger), while others may not be interested in tracing their name. You can turn the paper over and allow your child to write their name on their own. Drawing scribbles, circles, and lines are great examples of early writing skills! Ask your child if they can name the first letter in their name, and then continue to work on identifying additional letters in their name. Remember, every child learns and grows at their own pace! The name sheets should not be a cause of stress for you or your child, just something to use if your child has an interest in them :) 

    Name and Letter Recognition Sheets (click to open)