• Circle Time Board May 25

  • Circle Time is one of our favorite times of the day! We sing a song, dance around a bit, and use our Circle Time board (above). I will change this board every week. Feel free to use this board and the songs any time of the day! Repeat these activities all week to reinforce skills.

  • Letter of The Week is S! We've been working on the first letter of our friends' names (we've done A, B, D, J, K, L, N, T, and Z for some of our friends). Help your child to find the letter SZ around the house (in a book, food packages, etc). Talk about the sound letter S makes and list words that start with S. Letter S on Starfall

    Number of the Week is 1! Magic Finger in the air and make a large 1 as you say "Straight line down and then you're done. That's the way to make a 1" Ask your child to find ONE of something, then ask them to bring you more! ***Number Rhymes suggestions

    Shape of the Week is a Triangle! Your child can use their Magic Finger to make a triangle in the air. Make a triangle with your hands, arms, or legs. They can be a Shape Detective and look for triange shaped items around the house or while out for a walk (a street sign, traffic cones, the sail on a boat). 

    Color of the Week is PINK! Our friends LOVE to be Color Detectives! Have them search the house for something pink. They can be a Color Detective while going on a walk, in a car ride, while reading a book, or even when watching TV. Have some watermelon? Cut it into a triangle!

    It's Time for a Rhyme! Our Rhyming Word this week is STAR. Star, Car! Car rhymes with Star! What other words rhyme with Star? The words your child comes up with can be nonsense words too (Var, Zar)! Try writing the words down and see if your child recognizes any of the letters.