• Week of May 11th- May 15th Lessons For Reading, ENGLISH and LANGUAGE ARTS 



     These are the things we will be learning this week. Click on Focus Wall to see a summary. 


     Words To Know-High Frequency Words  pages 160-161   

      (You can listen and view below in Journeys Text Book)

    ASSIGNMENT: Please practice reading these words daily. You can make flashcards with them to practice reading them too!  Please pick 5 words and put each word into a sentence.  This paper is to be turned in to school.

    buy, city, family, myself, party, please, school, seven


     ANCHOR TEXT:  The New Friend      Pages 165-181

    This text is considered realistic fiction.  Realistic fiction is a made up story about people that could happen in real life.

      The New Friend    (text- turn to page 165)


    Target: We can summarize the story. Summarizing occurs when you stop every few pages to recall the events that just happened.

      Essential Question:  What can you learn from someone who is from another country (think about this question as you read the story)

    Assignment: Please discuss the following question with an adult.  Why are Makoto's parents glad he made new friends? 

     Students can listen to the story,'The New Friend'.  When you click the link below you will see Unit 5 Lesson #25. You will be able to pull up the high frequency words  You can also listen to the anchor text.

                                        To view click here      Journeys Text Book 


    'Symbols of Our Country', is an informational text found on pages 186-192 in the Journeys text book above. This story has headings in which the various 'Symbols of the United States' are described.  

    Please discuss the story.   

    Assignment: Please answer the following question on a piece of paper.

      1. What American symbol do you like best? Give your reason why you like it best.


     Symbols of Our Country (text-turn to page 186)



    This week I have one phonics/skills activity per day for you to complete. There are 5 total. Follow the directions on the pages. To work on the activities,  click on Phonics/Skills Work. (scroll down on page to view all 5 lessons) These pages will be turned in to school.



     Narrative Writing: Write a story about a good friend of yours. Who is your special friend? How did you meet? What do you ike about your friend? What do you like to do together?

    Remember to include the following: A beginning, 4 or more events, and an ending.  Don't forget transitional words and details.  

     Here are some examples of a beginning to use for your sentence: (Choose 1)

    One day, Yesterday, Last week, Last night, In the spring, On a warm day....

    Here are some examples of transition words to use for your sentence: (Choose at least 4)

    First, Next, Then, After, Later, Finally (or) Lastly

    Here are some examples of endings to use for your sentence: (Choose 1)

    Would you like to...?, When was the last time you...?, I can't wait to do it again!, I had a great time!, I love to..., It was the best day ever!

     Don't forget to draw a picture to go along with your story. I look forward to reading your stories! This story will be turned in to school.



     Read one decodable a day and do the following activites.

    1. Read the title and decide whether the book is fiction or non-fiction, why?

    2. Read the story with your child, then they should read it alone, and then they could read it to you or another family member.  Reading over helps build fluency!

    3. Identify the vowel rule. 

    Book 1: Down on The Farm, Pages 131-138. Point to or circle the words with the ou sound, having letters ou and ow.  (answers: brown, cow, down, ground, mouse, now, out, owl, owls, proud, shout, snout)

    Book 2: Scout and Count, Pages 139-146.  Point to or circle the words with the ou and ow sound.  (answers: bow, brown, couch, count, count's, crown, Scout, down, found)

    Book 3: Shawn's Toys, Pages 155-162.  Point to or circle the words with ou, ow, oi, oy, au, and aw.  (answers: coins, haul, joined, launched, paws, pointed, Roy, Saw, Shawn, toy, toys) 

    To read your story, click here on Decodable Reader and turn to the correct pages.

    FRIDAY: Choose your favorite decodable story. Re-read the story. Write why it was your favorite and make sure that you give a reason why it was your favorite. Draw a picture of your favorite part. (Do on paper or in your notebook)
    SPELLING WORDS: how, now, cow, owl, ouch, house, found, out, gown, town.
    (Please do on paper to turn in to school)
    * Write words 3x's each
    * Practice Spelling
    If time allows visit my reading resource page and enjoy some of your favorite sites under Symbaloo
    Keep up the good work! If you have a problem please feel free to reach out to me on the Remind app, class Dojo or send me an email to hkorzelius@nfschools.net.  I miss you all so much!!!! 
    Mrs. Korzelius