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                                                            Monday May 11, 2020

    I am very saddened to hear that we will not be returning to our classroom this school year.

    This is NOT how I wanted to end our year. You have been a wonderful group of students.

    I miss you all very much!

    I promise to continue to be here for you, please continue to be here too.


    ELA : Lesson 18  Anchor text:  A Tree Is Growing 

             First read vocabulary words. Sign in with your name , then click Join session. This will take you to Quiz Let. Click arrows to change vocabulary word.

            Click on the word card to see the definition . Scroll down the page to have the words and definitions read to you. 

  • Apple Tree

  • After reading the vocabulary words. Read our anchor text for this week's lesson.

  • ELA:  Anchor Text , A Tree Is Growing , a non fiction informational text by Arthur Dorrros

             As you read see how many  different text features you can find. 

             Some text features include, headings, bold print or highlighted words, graphs and charts, photographs and illustrations, maps, and labels.

             Watch this Mobymax video on reading non fiction text   sign in with your student number for username and password  Mobymax

    Anchor Text , pages 92 - 115  A Tree Is Growing

                   After reading the text answer the questions for vocabulary words for A Tree Is Growing below. 

                   Remember to click SUMIT when you are finished.


  • Math: I hope you enjoy today's math lesson. It is a little different, You will be going on a website called  i know it.

              You will also be watching a video about perimeter.

              Please watch the following video Perimeter

               Now go on  iknowit.com

               Click to begin iknowit.  Click on login in the upper right hand cornor. 

                 Choose: as a student.

                Class code: cat3

                Username: your student number

                Password; pati123 

                 Once there you will see your assignment.

    Science and Social Studies: This week I want you to go into Mobymax and finish up all your science and social                                                        studies lessons. 

                                                   Mobymax Clever

    Gym:  Mr.White