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    Brightly storytime Flip-along

         Story Line 

    Magic Tree House books


    Mrs. Pati's weekly picks on Story Line.  See the link above.

              Week 1    Lotus & Feather  by Michelle Yeoh

         Week 2     Library Lion by Mindy Sterling

                                                Week 3     Vambies Don't Eat Veggies  by Jamie Camil                              

    Mrs. Wade's weekly picks on Read Aloud  

    1.  Game Changes:  The story of Venus and Serena Williams  By Lesa Cline-Ransome

                                          2. The Crayon Man:  By Natascha Biebow

                                          3. Lost and Found Cat:  By Doug Kuntz

    ****Extra credit:  Write about what you just read.  Include important details about the character and if you liked/disliked the book and why.

    Book Review