• In addition to our required curriculum:

    • Extension activities within content areas
    • Planned activity to present Newton’s Laws of Gravity on Book Creator
    • Annual trip to the Niagara Gorge Discovery Center
    • Trip to see Prep School Drama Club’s production of “Frozen,Jr.”
    • Planned trip to Tifft Nature Preserve
    • Planned trip to see NFHS musical “The Wiz”
    • Annual trip to Darien Lake
    • During school activities include Attendance Assistance, Abate TV news, First Grade Friends, Band, and Chorus
    • Variety of Before and After-School activities
    • Friday Afternoon Tinker Time – Makers Education for STEAM
    • Chief Science Officer (CSO) pilot program participants
    • Healthy Behaviors, Northpointe Council, and Career Exploration
    • Thanksgiving Feast with Grade 6
    • Holiday Centers with Grade 4 and Grade 6
    • Bi-monthly visits to the Niagara Falls Public Library
    • Use of newspapers we receive from the Niagara Gazette donation program

    Feel free to email me at dnadrowski@nfschools.net with any questions.

Photos From Mrs. Nadrowski's Class

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