Required and Recommended Sites

  • Symbaloo is a resource that has the district approved sites all available in a user freindly location. You can access this app. by going to the District's webpage and clicking on Academics dropdown box, then click on symbaloo and you are in. Or if you would like to explore now, simply clink on the highlighted Symbaloo.

    These are Websites that we have used in class and at home. The links will be provided in the Column to the Right. They are: Seterra (Geography) So much fun!! Lyrics2Learn, Flocabulary (yes i had to put it here too lol),, SplashMath, and Office 365. NOTE!! I am RESETTING Passwords. They will now be your LAST NAME and USERNAMES will be your FIRST NAME. This will make it much easier for you boys and girls to log in. You nolonger have to worry about forgetting them. Please respect the rights of your classmates and stay on your own pages.  Thankyou. Office 365 will remain as is! 

Links To Suggested Sites