•  Here you will find the daily stories, questions,and activites. Please note that all links are in RED.

    Young children are focused on the present, helping to build a daily schedule with them helps the young child learn about time and learn about sequence. A schedule also helps them feel secure, because they know what to expect and what's going to happen.

    Here is a great link to help you get started with one:

    Daily Schedule


    Teaching Strategies also has a full link with videos to help you as you work at home:

    Teaching Strategies      Ready Rosie

  • Wednesday 

    Question of the day- Which house is the strongest?

    3 pigs



    Story -Build it From A to Z

    Activity- Can you build a strong house?

    What materials will you use? 

    Mrs. Chille would love to see a picture of your house!

  • Tuesday

    Question of the Day- What are buildings made of?


                  Building A House


                 Building a House



    Can you be an architect and design a building in your 'building Journal'?

    Look carefully at the pictures below.

    Which building would you like to draw? 

    Notice the windows, the doors, the roof and any details.

    Use a ruler or straight edge if you have one!



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