•  This week we will begin a unit of study about balls.

    Here you will find the daily stories, questions,and activites. Please note that all links are in RED.

    Young children are focused on the present, helping to build a daily schedule with them helps the young child learn about time and learn about sequence. A schedule also helps them feel secure, because they know what to expect and what's going to happen.

    Here is a great link to help you get started with one:

    Daily Schedule


    Teaching Strategies also has a full link with videos to help you as you work at home:

    Teaching Strategies      Ready Rosie

  • Monday

    Begin today with a collection of balls that you have collected from around the house. Have your child examine them and discuss how they look and feel.

    Question of the day-What do you know about balls?


    Little Red Hen


    Story-The Little Red Hen

    Discussion- Little Red Hen Discussion



    Can you write your name in rainbow colors?

    Tongue Twister- 

    Barbara blew beautiful bubbles in the big, blue bathtub.

    All of these words start with the same letter and sound.

    Can you think of something you like to do that starts the same as your name?




  • Wednesday 

    Happy Earth Day!

    Let's start the day with some Earth Day Yoga!


    Earth Day Yoga


    Question of the day- What can you do to help save the Earth?



     Story- earth day

             It's Earth Day!


     Activity- If it's nice outside, go on a Backyard Scavenger Hunt!

    Look for things with your eyes, or have mom take a picture, or you can draw a picture of what you see!  The idea is to get out and enjoy nature today.

    Here is a page to help you look:

    Spring Scavenger Hunt

    and for more fun:

    Earth Day Scavenger Hunt


    Art Activity

    Earth Day Self Portrait



  • Friday  

    Question of the day- Do you think all balls bounce?



    Red Hen



    The Little Red Hen


     Activity- Bake bread like the Little Red Hen. Use the recipe on the recipe page or use your own! Send Mrs. Chille pictures! 






  • Tuesday

    Question of the day- What is your favorite ball to play with? 

    Discuss the balls you have, or know about. Write the names of the balls on a piece of paper for your child, or encourage them to write the sounds as you say them. Point out some balls are compound words- like football, baseball, basketball.




    Have a Ball



     Activity: Look at and compare the balls that you have collected. Talk about the texture, size, weight, how are your balls the same? How are they different?

    Now make a picture of you and your favorite ball. Can you write letters or words to go with your picture?




  • Thursday  

    Question of the day- How many times can you bounce a ball?



    Story- Have a Ball


    Activity- Estimating-

    Parents- fill a jar with between 10-30 items. (pennies, cotton balls, jelly beans)

    Ask your child to estimate, guess, how many are in the jar. Accept any answer and write it down. Now count, (you can have them tally as they count). Ask if their guess was close to the number in the jar.

Last Modified on April 21, 2020