•  Here you will find the daily stories, questions,and activites. Please note that all links are in RED.

    Young children are focused on the present, helping to build a daily schedule with them helps the young child learn about time and learn about sequence. A schedule also helps them feel secure, because they know what to expect and what's going to happen.

    Here is a great link to help you get started with one:

    Daily Schedule


    Teaching Strategies also has a full link with videos to help you as you work at home:

    Teaching Strategies      Ready Rosie

  • Monday

    Question of the day-What happens inside buildings?


    Story-The Pot That Juan Built

    The Pot That Juan Built


    Building Journal- Can you draw the inside of a room?

    All you need is a square or rectangle, and a ruler if you 

    have one! Click this link to look at an example:

    Room drawing

    Can you add details to your room?

  • Wednesday 

    Question of the day- What was your favorite part of your dream school?





     Story -Square

    Activity-Can you build something

    from items in your yard? Sticks, rocks, 

    anything you can find?  Send me a picture!

  • Friday  

    Question of the day- What was your favorite story in the Building Study?





    Everything You Need For a Treehouse


    Activity- Use your imagination and build a 

    model of a treehouse with items from your

    home. You can use toilet paper rolls,

    pieces of cardboard, paper, markers,

    crayons, anything you want!

    Parents- this is a free art activity, 

    encourage creativity! Send pictures please!






  • Tuesday

    Question of the day- How many houses are on your street? 

    Can you make a tally of them?


              If I Built a School

               If I Built A School




     In your 'Building Journal' design and draw a perfect school for you.

  • Thursday  

    Question of the day- What is your favorite building?


    Story- Froggy Builds A Treehouse

     Froggy Builds a Treehouse


    Activity- In your 'Building Journal', please design a

    treehouse perfect for you!

Last Modified on April 27, 2020