• Math - Week of June 1st


      Subtracting 3 Digit Numbers


    **Please make sure you are completing the fact fluency on Moby Max daily.** 


    **If you haven't logged onto Zearn yet, please do so.  I think it will help the students with this difficult math concept.  It can be a tough one to grasp.  Look below for more information.  I will be happy to help with the log in.  I sent usernames and passwords a few weeks back.** 

     Mondy, June 1st

    Moby Max: Subtract with no regrouping

    Moby Max: Fact Fluency


    Tuesday, June 2nd

    Moby Max: Subtract with regrouping

    Moby Max: Fact Fluency


    Wednesday, June 3rd

    Moby Max: Subtract 3 digit numbers

    Moby Max: Fact Fluency


    Thursday, June 4th

    Moby Max: Multi-digit subtraction word problems

    Moby Max: Fact Fluency


    Friday, June 5th

    Moby Max: Fact Fluency

    Please click here for abcyaMathWork on this website for at least 20 minutes.


    Optional But Recommended

     Zearn - Hands-on Instruction/Digital Learning for Math

    I highly recommend using Zearn because the next three weeks students will be working on 2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction with regrouping.  On this site, it will show strategies to use with this concept.  

    Click here for Parent Letter for Zearn - This will explain what the program is all about.

    Earlier last week, I sent student username and password for Zearn.  If need the username and password, please message me on Remind or email me.