• What is STEM?  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

    Why is STEM important for my child?   The NFCSD is embedding STEM education from pre-k through 12th grade as a way to foster the skills students will need to be successful members of our highly technical society.  This includes being prepared for the types of jobs that are in high demand right now, which happen to be in STEM fields. 

    What kinds of things will my child learn?  STEM education is about showing the "connectedness" of science, technology, engineering and math and will help students become more confident with creativity, collaboration, and problem solving.  Your child will be exposed to robotics, coding, engineering and much more at the elementary level.

    What can I do to support STEM at home?  There is so much you can do!  To begin, let your child wonder and help them explore the world around them (even if it gets messy).  This is how children learn naturally.  Do experiments and learn together - you don't have to know the answer ahead of time.  Allow screen time - if it is educational.  I highly recommend Code.org to introduce your child to coding in a fun way.  

Last Modified on May 8, 2018