• Enrichment STEM Project

    STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math.  In this project, you will learn or review (depending on your grade) concepts in all four areas and use what you have learned to design, build and present a unique 3-D house.   For each part of the project, record your work on paper.  This will help you during the final steps of the project.

    We will explore:

    • what a cantilever is
    • common geometric shapes in 3-D and how to identify faces, edges and vertices
    • what perimeter is and how to calculate it
    • what the engineering design process is
    • how to use Flipgrid

    Below are the steps to follow to complete this project.  You can break these steps down across as many days as your teacher gives you to complete the project.  If you have any questions, you can reach out to your teacher or email me at rmcgrath@nfschools.net.  I hope you enjoy the project and I can't wait to see what you create!


    Step 1Nearpod.  This will take you one or two hours to complete.  You can take a break at any time.  The Nearpod will teach you all the STEM concepts you need to know for the project.  You can go back to the Nearpod at anytime as a reference.  At the end of the Nearpod, you will be asked to make a video called a Flipgrid.  You will need to sign in to Flipgrid with your student number.  If you do not know your student number, contact your classroom teacher.  Go to www.nearpod.com and enter code PIWMB.   

    Step 2:  Design and build your house.  You will use the design process to complete this step.  Your instructions can be found here:  Step 2 Instructions

    For younger students: If you find this step too challenging, I have a simplified 2D building project for you.  Alternate project for step 2  

    For any student who finds it helpful, here are some geometric shape templates.  Geometric Shape Templates  You can print these on paper and fold the paper to make shapes.  You can use different shapes together to build your house.  

    Step 3:  Write about your work.  There are two writing assignments linked below.  One assignment is for students in grades 2 and 3 and the other is for students in grade 4-6.  Click on the assignment link for your grade.  You can either print and write directly on the page or write on your own paper. 

    Grade 2 and 3 Writing There are two options for you to choose from in this link.  You only need to complete one writing assignment.   

    Grade 4, 5 and 6 Writing   If you need to rewatch the story to help you with this assignment, click here.  

    Step 4:  Share your work.   Make a flipgrid to share your completed house design and your writing assignment.  Go to our STEM Flipgrid and sign in with your student number.  Once I view your video and approve it, your teacher and classmates will be able to view it.  Check back often to see your classmates ideas and give them a thumbs up!  You may also see a video reply from me or your teacher.

Last Modified on June 7, 2020