• Instrument Lessons are a time to learn new tunes and techniques on our instruments. 

    Most band members are on differernt tunes in their books, so it is important to find/remind yourself where you are in your book and go to the next tune.  The tune list is at the bottom of this page along with a practice log.

    Go to the following link to learn how the tunes go.  Even though the "first drop" is on the alto saxophone, the tunes are the same for every instrument (except the snare drum- more to come!) so you can listen to the tunes and learn them no matter what your instrument is.

    Standard of Excellence Book Tunes

    Remember, if you are having trouble with a new tune, go to an old tune, play that tune about 3 times, and try the new tune again. 

    Also- ALWAYS sing the tune before playing it- it will help guide you hands and it will help you know if you are playing the tune correctly.

  • Assignment Sheet

    Here is a link to our assignment sheet incase you do not have your Medal Assignments:

    Medal Assignment Sheet


  • Practice Sheet

    Here is a copy of the practice log.  This will help you keep track of your progress as the month goes along.  Try to practice at least 20 minutes a day.

    Practice Sheet