A Message to Parents


        Welcome to our class's webpage! I hope you are staying safe and healthy at home! Thank you so much for all of your patience and participation during this crazy and uncertain time. At this time, it is my goal to pick up right from where we left off and continue to best educate your child from home while we are unable to meet at school.  

        This website will be frequently updated and lessons will be posted Monday through Friday each week. New lessons are up for the week of May 4th.  I have tried my hardest to make sure that all of the topics we have been covering so far this year are covered in the daily lessons and that the lessons are easy to follow. I want to remind you parents that these lessons should take no longer than 2 hours to complete and do not need to be completed all at one time! Now that your child has been away from school for several weeks it may be difficult to get back on a schedule and to get your child to sit down for that long of a period of time. I suggest taking a lot of breaks to move around or completing reading in the morning and math later in the day to break it up. If you do not get through the entire lesson it is okay! I am trying my hardest to pick activities that will keep the students entertained and also get them up and moving around. 

        For each lesson I have broken the lessons up into a reading, writing, math, and computer section. Additional activities for science, art and other special areas will also be added to a tab on the side of the website. With each lesson I have included links for you to click on (writing in blue) that may provide examples, clarifications, or extra resources to help with the lessons. If you need any extra clarification I am always a remind message or email away and will get back to you as soon as possible. If anyone is unable to print any worksheets from the lessons feel free to complete these lessons on a separate sheet of paper. 

        Another note, please make sure you are keeping all of your child's work. Designating a folder for this at home would probably be the easiest way to keep everything together. In the future we may schedule a date for this work to be dropped off to the school but that has not been set yet. Also if your child would like to show me the work they are completing you can take a picture of it and send it to me on remind, I would love to see how hard they are working! I am also going to be including a weekly log so we can keep track of work that is completed. Again I think the best way to do this will be for you to take a picture of the log at the end of the week and send it to me on remind. This will help me keep track of everyone who is participating and for our third trimester grading. 

        Parents I know this is a lot of information and will be difficult at times for many, especially those who are still working but just take a deep breath and know that we will get through this together! Again I am always a message away and am here to help you and your child as best I can! Please let your child know that I am thinking about them often and miss them so much! Please tell them that I know how smart each and every one of them are and that I know they can do this! Continue to stay safe, healthy, and maintain social distancing, and hopefully we will be back to normal in no time! 

    Thank you again for your support and cooperation, 

    Mrs. Vekich








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