•  Weekly Topic: Making Discoveries - Please keep work dated in a notebook 

                                                     Journeys Reading Plans  for Monday, April 13- Friday April 17

    Book 1 Duck and Goose  (Parents will need to read)

    or  book read online (Parents please supervise)

    Some questions to ponder:Discussing characters:

    How do duck and goose feel about each other in the beginning of the story? Why?

    How do their feelings change throughout the story?                                                                           

    When do they start getting along? Why?

    Notebook Response:

    Choice 1:To discover means to find something new. Draw and write about  a time you discovered something new. 

    Choice 2: Draw your favorite part of the story; Label and write a sentence (if you can) Parents you may need to scribe.


    Book 2 Curious George's Dinosaur Discovery (click) This has an audio component)

    Questions:How is George different from real monkeys?

    Tell the story events from the beginning, middle and end in proper sequence

    What are some words you can use to describe George? 

    Notebook Responses:

    Choice 1: Draw a picture of something you would like to see in a museum. label. Write a sentence.

    Choice 2: Draw and write about your favorite part of the story. 

    Book 3 Exploring Land and Water ( includes an audio component) 

       Note: When you click you will see Curious George book again. scroll through. This is located in the back of the book. 

    Questions: What makes informational text different from fiction?

    Name the different types of bodies of water mentioned in the text? Can you name any other ones?

    Look at the map key on page 30. What does it show you? 

    Notebook Resonses:

    Choice 1: Picture a beautiful place on our Earth in your mind. Draw a picture and write a sentence. 


    Reading Practice:  The Big Dig

    Journey's Student Book


    Sight Word Review Week: Suggested Activities; Read through words, put in oral sentences, search for words in books, choose from list, and write in sentences in your notebook. 


    Bonus: Writing/ Opinion Writing

    Choose a topic : example-parties

    Write an opinion piece. Example 

    I think parties are ___________. You can __________.

    Sometimes there is _________________. 



    Fundations Drill

     Parents using alphabet cards or magnetic letters or even pieces of paper with a letter on each, have your child build these words.

    pet, pig, sit, map, ship




    Daily Warm Ups:

    Count to 100

    Write 0-20 and beyond

     *** https://www.scribblefun.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Addition-Kindergarten-Math-Worksheet.png (place answers in notebook)