Reading & Writing Week #3

Monday - Friday Reading, Writing, Skills & Math

  • Journeys Weekly Reading Work-  


         Listen to the story A Tiger Grows Up - Discuss how things change when someone grows up.

        Parent/Student- Read the story Leo The Late Bloomer

        Students are to read - Student Book pages 106-121 --- (click) Student Book - at the bottom of the page click more, at the top you can put in page 106 ---Please read 2 times during the week

     Journeys Weekly Writing-


         In the story A Tiger Grows Up, you learned about the different tiger body parts. We have been writing lists and now I would like you to write a list of the body parts of a different animal.

         Write about Leo The Late Bloomer  - I listened to the story Leo The Late Bloomer and my favorite part was     _______________________________ because _____________________.

    Parents please have your child copy the starter sentence and continue to write about their favorite part of the story and why. Don't forget to Use capital letters and periods.


    Weekly Skills Lessons


         Sight words this week -- said  was  then  good  ate  could 

    Write these sentences in your notebook: A sentence a day...

    1. The pizza we ate was good.  2. I said we could play ball later.  3. Was Sally in school today?  4. Let's clean up then go outside.

    Practice tapping and sounding out the words: job, nap, bag, web


         Foundations Diagraphs

    Practice saying the sound picture cards - wh, ch, sh, th, ck

    practice tapping and sounding out words: shut, chunk, chug, duck, wheel    What is the middle sound? Write the word  with the correct middle sound in your notebooks.

    middle sounds



    1. file:///C:/Users/smarazzo/Pictures/math%20worksheet.pdf




     Computer Time

    Log in to 

    user name and password is your child's student number

    Moby Max 30 min a day

    Smarty Ants 30 min a day



    **Parents: I sent all log in information on dojo

    ** Also dont forget to date your notebook each day and sign at the end of the week