Monday - Friday Reading, Writing, Skills & Math

    • Journeys Weekly Reading Work-  

      Listen to the story Oscar And The Frog, Remind your child that this story is an informational text. Informational text (book) are stories that give information about a topic. After listenting to the story discuss: How a frog starts his life?


      Parent/Student - Read the story Zinna's Flower Gardenas you listen you should be thinking about what happens first, next and last.

      Students are to read - Student Book pages 122-137 - Student Book at the bottom of the page click more, at the top you can put in page 122---Please read 2 times during the week


       Journeys Weekly Writing-


      ** Lists---Imagine that Zinnia wanted to have a party to show everyone her garden. First, she would have to make a list of friends she wanted to invite. We have been learning about lists, this week I would like you to....... Make a list of friends you would invite to a party.  When you make your list remember that names start with capital letters.

       ** Story----Choose one of the books you read this week and write about your favorite part and why.


      Weekly Skills Lessons - 

       Write out each sentence in your notebook.

       Sight words this week -- she all over when her some

      1. She wants us to come over today.  2. When can we go?  3. Can we bring her a gift?

      4. I can make some cookies.  5. We can all play with the chalk.


      Practice wh, ch, sh, th, ck sounds

      Write the correct word from the worksheet in your notebook.

      Sound it Out


      Weekly Math Lesson

      Math (click)


      **  Don't forget Smarty Ants, Moby Max and Raz-Kids **

      Computer Time

      Log in to Clever.com 

      user name and password is your child's student number

      Moby Max 30 min a day

      Smarty Ants 30 min a day

      **Parents I will Review your child's progress on all computer program assignments at least 3 times a week. If you have any      trouble please contact me through DOJO.